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Nashville recording artist, Sam Riddle, has a sound as big as the Montana sky but as flashy as Las Vegas lights. With simple beginnings in Missoula, Montana, Sam had a childhood more glamorous than most. At an early age his parents moved to New York City. It was there that he was first introduced to the art of performing. With relatives involved in show business, young Riddle was immersed in the Broadway culture. Growing up around the Broadway community taught Sam the greatness that can be produced when talent is married with work ethic. It is there that he learned that a real “star” is one that is not only talented but that worked hard to get where they are.


Later on his family moved back to Montana. It was there that Sam spent his adolescence. His teenage years were filled with hanging out with friends and playing sports. One of those sports being basketball which he played for the Montana Grizzlies. After college, Sam made the move to Las Vegas. During his first three years in Vegas, he played piano at night clubs. Playing Jazzy piano tunes at upscale clubs in Las Vegas gave him the performance experience needed to headline his own shows. The first time he performed country music was the first time that he felt that everything made sense. 


Sam Riddle has many musical influences ranging from legends like Ricky Skaggs to groups like Boyz II Men. One of his influences is his father’s band, Mission Mountain Wood Band. Sam’s father, Steve Riddle, played bass in the bluegrass/country rock band. When Sam first saw them perform when he was about 10 years old, it blew his mind. He was impressed by the effect they had on their audience. Today, Sam’s favorite aspect of performing is the way he feels he is able to connect with each and every person in the crowd and give them an experience they will never forget.


In addition to Mission Mountain Wood Band, Sam’s performance style is greatly influenced by country superstars like Garth Brooks and Kenny Chesney. He studies videos of great entertainers such as these as if they were game tape. Another one of Sam’s influences is Huey Lewis and the News. Both Sam and his father believe that Huey Lewis and The News had the best pocket, meaning that the tightness of their rhythm section gives the listener a feeling that it sits perfectly in their pocket. He’s also influenced by entertainers like Prince, Michael Jackson, and James Brown. He is fascinated by the stage presence of such iconic artists. Sam is passionate about music and performing because he believes that he has the opportunity to reach people and teach them that there is greatness in everybody.


In the Summer of 2020, Sam Riddle signed with Nashville’s SSM Entertainment Records. Though he missed performing, he took advantage of the down time during the pandemic and used it to write new music. 


He recently released his smash single “Bar Stool, Church Pew Town”. Currently, Sam is performing for live audiences in Las Vegas, bringing his excitement to post-pandemic crowds. He invites fans to “Come on in” and celebrate with him through his music.

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